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10 Tips for searching on Google like a pro

Picture of a person searching for information on the web like a pro -
Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels.

In this blog I will share some tips and tricks for searching information by using advanced search operators available in google’s search engine. Searching this way, helps narrow down the search results and find more specific search results.
So ladies and gentlemen fasten your seat-belts and get ready for some advanced google search tips.

1. Search Exact Match

Use " " (double quotes), write your search query inside double quotes to find the exact match. This trick will be very helpful while searching for famous quotes, song lyrics, movie dialogues, study related material etc.
See below picture:

Search result exact match using double quotes operator -

2. Get Results From A Specific Website

When you want to find results published by any specific website. The site: operator will be very handy.
Just write your search term .
See Below Example: red trees

Search result for site operator-

3. Exclude Some Results

You can filter search results by excluding some results if you use the - (hyphen, dash) operator and enter the term, website you don’t want to appear in the search result.
See Below Example:

Cat Videos

Search result for exclude operator -

4. Time Before / After

Search for documents, webpages published before / after the year.
See below example:

modi before:2000

Will include webpages containing term “modi” and published before 2000.

modi after:2020

Will include webpages containing term “modi” and published after 2020.

5. Search By Range

You can search for range of numbers or range of years by using .. (double dots) operator. Like, 1..10, 2017..2020.

6. Choose Between Two Options

You find differences between two things by using | (pipe) operator.
Compare phones, laptops, bikes, cars etc.

Result of comparison operator -

7. Search Missing Info

Yes, you can still find the movie, you don’t remember the complete name.
You just have to search the info by including * (star) in the place of missing term.

Harry potter and * stone

Search result for star operator -

8. Search By File Types

You can find documents by including filetype: type in your search query.
Note: Do check the license before downloading any file from the internet.

Numerical Algorithms filetype:pdf

Search result for filetype operator -

9. Search Cached Results

Search cache version of a website by using cache:url.

Cached version of

Search for direct competitors, related websites by using the related: operator.

result for related operator -

That’s all for now. More articles will be published like this.
I hope you liked this.
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